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Track 5. Rethinking sociological gaze and citizenship through data.

Big Data as “presentification” of knowledge
Sabino Di Chio
When “bigger” means “better”? Shortcuts and pitfalls coming from big data for social research
Paolo Giardullo
The Logic of the Count and the Fantasy of Participation. Reading the Rise of Big Data trough a Critique of Communicative Capitalism
Marco Pedroni
Big data analysis of technoscientific controversies. Creating indicators and comparing media debates on infrastructures in Italy through automated text mining techniques.
Andrea Lorenzet
Big Data and Nate Silver’s Computational Protocols: predictive Analytics and innovative Methods for the Study of the Political Trends.
Michele Infante
Big Data and election behavior; a case for mixed-methods approaches for BD in social sciences
Tjerk Timan
Borders - A geo-political atlas of film’s production.
Giovanni Magni
Quis Monet Ipsos Monitores? Motivations, methodological issues and techniques for monitoring “Surveillance” as a topic in on-line newspapers textual data
Alberto Cammozzo, Andrea Lorenzet
Politics of Disappearance in Practice: Interrogating Surveillance’s Ob-scene
Raphael Gellert, Gloria González Fuster, Rocco Bellanova
Analisi delle conversazioni on line: tra Sociologia, Fisica e Linguistica
Rosario Dep Di Girolamo, Roberto Basili

Sociotechnical Environments

6th STS Italia Conference

24-26 November 2016

Universita' di Trento

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