The 4th National Conference of STS Italia (Italian Society of Science and Technology Studies) will be held in Rovigo from 21 to 23 June 2012, and will be organised in partnership with CIGA of the University of Padua (Centre for Environmental Law Decisions and Corporate Ethical Certification).

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The conference will provide an opportunity to present empirical and theoretical works focusing on different aspects related to the study of science, technology and innovation processes, drawing on a variety of disciplines and fields of study (sociology, anthropology, law, philosophy, design, psychology, semiotics, history, economics).The 4th Conference will focus on the idea of studying emerging technologies. Although the definition of emerging technologies specifically refers to the creation and dissemination of new technologies (such as nanotechnologies, biotechnologies, neuro- cognitive sciences and robotics), more generally, emerging technologies can also be regarded as social worlds: complex objects, inseparable and inextricable from the practices and knowledges where they originate and transform themselves. As such, they are therefore a cross-disciplinary topic, which can be examined from a variety of points of view, approaches and methodologies.

Abstracts (in Italian or English) should be sent as email attachment (as MS word or Rich Text Format) to the track’s coordinators (and carbon copied to 4convegnosts@gmail.com) by March 1, 2012. Abstracts with a maximum length of 500 words should contain the title, author’s name, affiliation and contact details including e-mail.

Further information on the conference on: www.stsitalia.org



1. Suitable environments for product development _>

Convenors: Sebastian Schlund (Fraunhofer Institute, sebastian.schlund@iao.fraunhofer.de); Lorenz Vorhauser (Fraunhofer Institute, lorenz.vorhauser@fraunhofer.it); Johannes Weger (Fraunhofer Institute, johannes.weger@fraunhofer.it).

2. Bodies, technologies, practices and knowledge(s) in biomedicine _>

Convenors: Marina Maestrutti (Université Panthéon Sorbonne, marinamaes@hotmail.com); Guido Nicolosi (Università di Catania, gnicolos@unict.it); Barbara Pentimalli (Università Sapienza di Roma pentimab@hotmail.it); Mauro Turrini (Università di Padova, mauro.turrini@unipd.it).

3. Information infrastructures: from standardization to multiple uses _>

Convenors: Alessandro Mongili (Università di Padova, alessandro.mongili@unipd.it); Giuseppina Pellegrino (Università della Calabria, gpellegrinous@yahoo.com).

4. Internet and new productive paradigms: the sts contribution _>

Convenors: Stefano De Paoli (Fondazione <ahref, Trento, stefano@ahref.eu ); Cristiano Storni (University of Limerick, cristiano.storni@ul.ie); Maurizio Teli (Fondazione <ahref, Trento, maurizio@ahref.eu).

5. Working in technologically dense environments _>

Convenors: Francesca Alby (Università La Sapienza, Roma, francesca.alby@uniroma1.it); Attila Bruni (Università di Trento, attila.bruni@soc.unitn.it); Manuela Perrotta (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim,manuela.perrotta@ntnu.no).

6. Digital methods and the mapping of techno-scientific controversies _>

Convenors: Stefano Crabu (Università di Padova, stefano.crabu@gmail.com); Andrea Lorenzet (Università di Padova, andrea.lorenzet@unipd.it).

7. Social shaping of digital media _>

Convenors: Fausto Colombo (Università Cattolica di Milano, fausto.colombo@unicatt.it); Renato Stella (Università di Padova, renato.stella@unipd.it).

8. Nothing new in the new? history and the emergence of new media _>

Convenors: Gabriele Balbi (University of Westminster, gabriele.balbi@my.westminster.ac.uk); Simone Natale (Università di Colonia, simone.natale@gmail.com ).

9. Public participation in technoscientific innovation and environmental decision making. Using new media facing natural disasters _>

Convenors: Manuela Farinosi (Dipartimento di Scienze Umane, Università di Udine, manuela.farinosi@uniud.it); Alessandra Micalizzi (Libera Università di Lingue e Comunicazione IULM, alessandra.micalizzi@iulm.it); Giuseppe Pellegrini (Università di Padova, giuseppe.pellegrini@unipd.it ).

10. Politics and technoculture: struggles, tensions and change in digital social worlds _>

Convenors: Paolo Magaudda (Ciga, Università di Padova, paolo.magaudda@unipd.it); Tiziana Terranova (Università di Napoli “L’Orientale”, tterranova@tiscali.it).

11. Posthuman: the future of humanity between techno-scientific promises and the meaning of human experience _>

Convenors: Luca Grion (CIGA – Università degli Studi di Padova, luca.grion@unipd.it); Francesca Marin (CIGA – Università di Padova, francesca.marin@unipd.it).

12. Design practices, articulations and stabilization of the collective _>

Convenors: Stefano Maffei (stefano.maffei@polimi.it); Alvise Mattozzi (amattozzi@unibz.it); Laura Lucia Parolin (lauralucia.parolin@unimib.it); Paolo Volonté (paolo.volonte@polimi.it).

13. The emerging practices of scientific research in laboratories _>

Convenors: Federico Neresini (Università di Padova, federico.neresini@unipd.it); Assunta Viteritti (Università “Sapienza” Roma, assunta.viteritti@uniroma1.it).

14. Social representations of science, technology and innovations in times of change _>

Convenors: Alberta Contarello (Università di Padova, Alberta.contarello@unipd.it); Clélia Maria Nascimento-Schulze (cleli@matrix.com.br).

15. The technology of economy and society _>

Convenors: Andrea Lorenzet (Università di Padova, andrea.lorenzet@unipd.it); Marco Rangone (Università di Padova, marco.rangone@unipd.it).

16. Emerging technologies: models of governance across economics, ethics and law _>

Convenors: Alessia Muratorio (CIGA – Uiversità degli Studi di Padova, alessia.muratorio@unipd.it); Elena Pariotti (Università degli Studi di Padova, elena.pariotti@unipd.it); Daniele Ruggiu (CIGA – Università di Padova, daniele.ruggiu@unipd.it).

17. Military technologies _>

Convenor: Luca Guzzetti (Università di Genova; luca.guzzetti@unige.it).

18. Technologies-in-practice: a bottom up approach to the study of the use of new technologies _>

Convenor: Leopoldina Fortunati, (Università di Udine, fortunati.deluca@tin.it).

19. Transpecies: questioning the boundaries between human and non-human cells. policies and regulations _>

Convenors: Mariachiara Tallacchini (Università Cattolica di Piacenza, mariachiara.tallacchini@unimi.it); Paola Sobbrio (Università Cattolica di Piacenza, psobbrio@hotmail.com).


Deadline per l’invio degli abstracts 11    March 2012

Deadline for abstract submission

Comunicazione di accettazione degli abstract agli autori 20 March 2012

Communication of acceptance to authors

Conferma della partecipazione da parte degli autori (per l’inserimento nel programma definitivo). 15 April 2012 Participation confirmation from Authors (to be included into the final program)
Apertura delle Registrazioni 16 April 2012 Registrations opening
Chiusura delle registrazioni 13 May 2012 Registrations deadline (registration is mandatory to be included into the final program)
Comunicazione del Programma delle Track 18 May 2012 Communication of Track Program
Pubblicazione sul sito web del programma finale della conferenza 1 June 2012

Final program publication on the website





Full Researchers/Professors 40 €

100 €*

PhD, Post-Doc, Young Researchers 20 € 50 €*
*Fees include STS Italia membership, needed to join the conference


Simone Arnaldi (Università Padova – CIGA)

Attila Bruni (Università di Trento)

Fabio Grigenti (Università Padova – CIGA)

Alvise Mattozzi (Libera Università di Bolzano)

Alessandro Mongili (Università di Padova)

Federico Neresini (Università di Padova)

Elena Pariotti (Università Padova – CIGA)

Enrico Sabbioni (Ecsin)

Renato Stella (Università di Padova)

Assunta Viteritti (Università La Sapienza Roma)


Claudio Coletta (Università di Padova)

Stefano Crabu (Università di Padova)

Daniele De Pretto (Università di Padova)

Andrea Lorenzet (Università di Padova)

Paolo Magaudda (Università di Padova – CIGA)

Marco Scarcelli (Università Padova)


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