Statement by STS Italia Board

The recent coming outs about episodes of harassment and abuse in the STS international scientific community deserve attention and careful listening.

The STS Italia Board wish to warmly thank those who have spoken out for foregrounding the topic in our agenda. Similar cases must lead all of us to reflect.

We are convinced that without respect, inclusive attitude and care, not only research cannot progress, but neither can healthy relationships within our scientific community. Building these conditions is certainly a collective endeavour, but we also acknowledge that those who hold positions of responsibility are expected to be the first to contribute to it, with awareness, sensitivity to diversity and respect.

As the Board of STS Italia, we take what is happening as a call to operationally commit ourselves to promoting attention to and awareness of these issues in the activities of the association, first and foremost through and during our events, and with coherent policies.

STS Italia Board 2022-2024

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