Interference(s) – Performing STS and Education – International Conference

Interference(s) – Performing STS and Education

International Conference.

31 May – 1 June 2011.

PICO – Palazzo dell’Innovazione e della Conoscenza.

Via Terracina, 230 – Napoli

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Interferences emerge through overlaps, juxtapositions, meetings, fractures among sites, knowledges, and people. Sometimes irritating, noisy, mistaken, interferences bring forward, problematize, and solicit new perspectives, by pointing out inconsistencies, paradoxes, and dystonia.  However, interferences are not just ‘temporary episodes’, they may be considered also as opportunities to re-construct performatively common worlds through itineraries of hybridization and translation among people, knowledge and narratives.

This international workshop is aimed at provoking interferences among STS, and the multifarious field of the studies of education and learning. While those fields of investigation tend to constitute as separate areas of study and research, they are ending to overlap in interesting and promising reflections. New emergent phenomena under investigation interfere and suggest to rethinking and hybridizing conceptualizations. The conference will be focused on two relevant themes of discussion: (a) what is the matter of the ‘social’, and how technosciences contribute to the re-making of our common worlds and (b) how STS literature supports the development of post-humanistic accounts of instruction, education, and learning.

Interference(s) is organized by STS-Italia, CNR-IRPPS, Università degli Studi di Napoli in collaboration with AIS-EDU, Scuola Democratica, Tecnoscienza and, and is articulated in two-days with several workshops and a conclusive lecture with Bruno Latour (1st June) taking place at Palazzo della Conoscenza e dell’Innovazione della Regione Campania, Napoli.

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